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Titanium Bolt Shroud

- fits T3, 590, 595, 690 and 695

CNC machined from aerospace Grade 5 titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V). At only 25 grams, our shrouds are close to half the weight of comparable steel shrouds,

yet significantly harder than the best aluminium alloy shrouds on the market.

We mill a flat on top of the shroud body and cut in a diamond chequering pattern to mimic the style of the shrouds seen on the bolts of the more expensive Sako line of rifles.

Available in a natural finish (to match stainless rifles) or for blued / phosphated Tikka rifles, we offer a very tough DLC coating which produces a dark matte charcoal colour to blend in with the colour of the Tikka receiver.

This is a tough industrial finish. Please note the DLC coated shrouds have a slight brown 'patina' on the inside bore (invisible once assembled) - this is a result of the coating process interacting with remnant cutting oil - it does not impact the performance nor is it corrosive.

We include a small coil spring which removes all slack between shroud body and the firing pin assembly of your bolt from a necessary tolerance deliberately designed into the shroud to ensure 100% anti-bind function in all rifles.


- CNC Machined from high grade aerospace titanium alloy

- Polished then glass bead blasted to a satin finish

-Diamond pattern cut onto the top of the shroud body

- Available in a matte black DLC coating for Tikka rifles with a factory hot blue or phosphated finish.

T3 Bolt Shroud, Natural colour. £91 (inclusive of post and VAT in UK)*

Tikka T3 M595 4140 Steel Bolt shroud

T3 Bolt Shroud, DLC coated. £91 (inclusive of post and VAT in UK)*

New Factory Mag bottom metal

DBM for T3 / T3x pattern magazines (Tikka T3 / T3x only - not CTR compatible)

Available in Natural or Black

Finally - a high quality bottom metal replacement for the original plastic version at a very competitive price. Fully CNC-machined from a mix of high-grade titanium and aluminium alloys with absolutely no cheap 6000 series aluminium alloy used anywhere. The development of this bottom metal replaces the last chunk of plastic that comes with the factory rifle. This results in a very strong, lightweight and corrosion resistant product - providing the perfect bedding platform for your T3 or T3x rifle (bedding pillars and hex-head action screws included).

~UK Special Price~

£114 inc vat and delivery

Tikka T3 Titanium Lug Bedding Kit. £48 (inclusive of post and VAT in UK)*

Includes the Stainless pillars and screws.

(No bedding compound included)

Youtube; Fitting bolt shrouds and handles

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Tikka T3 Titanium bolt handle with Carbon fibre knob.

Tikka 590 / 595 / 690 / 695 Titanium bolt handle with Carbon fibre knob.

£59 (inclusive of post and VAT in UK)*

The handles are manufactured from grade 5 aerospace titanium alloy (which may require some fitting*), and the knobs are moulded

from genuine 3K carbon fibre (not some imitation stencil or film).

*If the handle does not fit without force (it is a sliding fit) please take to a qualified gunsmith to have the handle fitted.

~Please be aware that damaging the bolt handle will not qualify for a refund~

Request Straight or swept back for Right Hand or Left Hand action when ordering (please send an email to confirm!)

The handle can also be bead blasted if required.

Review of the 590 / 595 / 690 / 695 Bolt shroud and Titanium bolt handle with carbon fibre knob.

Courtesy of Richard Utting 'SharpshootingUK' on YouTube.

Straight handle shown fitted to a Tikka M595

Tikka M595/ M695 RH (Minimal bend) Handle with satin bead blast.

Right hand swept back bead blasted handle on a stainless M595

Sako TRG-22, TRG-42 and TRG-S

This is a direct, screw-in replacement for your original Sako TRG 22, TRG 42 and TRG-S (M995) bolt handle.

We CNC machine these from Grade 5 titanium alloy then bead blast and bake on a durable Cerakote-H finish to match the colour of the original Sako metalwork.

Our version has a 5/16" x 24 TPI thread which allows the fitting of just about any after-market knob available as opposed to being forced to retain the original plastic knob with the uncommon metric thread.

Our handle is the same length with no taper. We include our oversized bolt knob made from genuine carbon fiber which provides a slight increase in overall length and better bolt leverage.

£59 (inclusive of post and VAT in UK)*

Sako Quad Bolt handle with CF Knob

£45 (inclusive of post and VAT in UK)*

sako quad

Sako A7 Titanium Bolt Handle

£62 (inclusive of post and VAT in UK)*

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