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Commission Work

We able to undertake commission work.
Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

A small sample of our work;

seating depth comparator
Bullet seating depth comparator.

De-rim die rimfire case
Special de-rim die for a customer who wants to swage 6mm bullets with rimfire jackets.

Swaging die dies set
.22LR swaging die set (Fits a Corbin CSP-1S press) including De-rim die and floating punch holder.

Need a case converting for the Stoney Point / Hornady OAL gauge?

Muzzle brake 444 marlin
.444 Marlin Muzzle brake.

Swaging press dies derim hand press ejectorSwaging press De-rim Dies Commission

.22LR De-rim die set with modified lee hand press for extraction

6mm swaged bullet hollow point swaging die
6mm Swaged bullet sample

swaging die set reloading press
Customers swaging die set

Swaged bullets
Samples of swaged bullets

Muzzle tikka brake 30 cal rifle custom
Custom .30 Calibre Muzzle brake for a Tikka T3

Muzzle brake 30-06 308 30 cal calibre

Another custom .30 Calibre Muzzle brake for a Tikka T3!

30 cal muzzle brake black bsa .30-06

30 cal Brake

Harrell's powder thrower drop tube modification possum hollow
Harrell's powder thrower with modified drop tube system.
Fitted with a Possum Hollow drop tube.

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